How to Save Money

Whether it is preparing to pay off a loan or eyeing up a potential vacation, saving money is a tough task. Far too often our immediate financial needs and wants take precedence, while our poor old savings accounts have to take a back seat. During 2018, the average Canadian household savings rate currently hovers at roughly 4.4%1.

That number is far too low to help us relax poolside in the sun come springtime! So what can we do to improve our savings?

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Best Money Saving Mobile Apps for Canadians

Whether I am busy at work or simply relaxing at home, the one thing that is always by my side is my phone. This is hardly out of the ordinary; over 30 million Canadians currently own a cell phone1. Our handheld devices are now the primary method of communicating with others, entertainment, planning our schedules, and even dealing with our bills.

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