Health Insurance Planning

If you and your family are covered by a comprehensive employer-sponsored health care plan, then you are probably one of just a few lucky Americans around today! Changes to the health care system, coupled with sky-rocketing costs to cover even basic health care needs, means that even Blue-Chip companies are scaling back on employee health care coverage.

Now more than ever before, individuals and families need to carefully plan their health insurance needs, or they are likely to face huge out-of-pocket costs in their time of need.

Why Health Insurance Planning is Important for Individual & Families

America’s health care system isn’t the most user-friendly to negotiate. Legislative changes, like the Affordable Care Act and the Consolidation Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) have attempted to simplify things, but ordinary Americans still find it difficult to navigate the plethora of rules, laws, by-laws and statutes.

In this backdrop therefore, having professional health insurance planning advice can often mean the difference between making the right health-care insurance choices, and paying for health care coverage that isn’t right for you and your family.

Our Health Insurance Planning service will review your and your family’s health-care needs, and propose a health insurance plan that’s customized for you.

What We Can Do For You

By helping individuals and families choose a personalized Health Insurance Plan, our team of experts can prevent you and your family from being burdened by unexpected costs in case of medical emergencies. When putting forward the ideal health insurance plan for you and your family, we’ll review all available options on your behalf, including dental, vision, prescription medications, hospitalization needs, pre-existing conditions and other health care needs.

  • Education and advice: A cornerstone belief of ours is: An informed client is a satisfied client! We’ll inform, educate and advise you on a host of health care and health insurance options, including Managed Care, Fee-for-Service Plans, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans, Point-of-Service (POS) plans, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans…and much more.
  • Selecting the right plan: With so many choices out there for individuals and families to choose from, it’s often hard to make the right choice. Our Health Insurance Planning experts will carefully search the full landscape of options for you, and bring forward tailored recommendations for you to consider.
  • Protection against undue costs: Often, the devil’s in the details – and that’s what our Health Insurance Planning specialists are good at: Understanding the details! We’ll make sure the policies our clients choose protect them from large, and often hidden, costs that are usually buried in the fine print!
  • Making plans affordable: Some plans, like Vision Care plans, offer additional discounts on routine exams and preventative procedures if you combine them with a Dental Health plan as well. We’ll help you understand those choices and make your plans more affordable.
  • Reading between the lines: Documentation provided by the health insurance industry isn’t the easiest to make sense of. It often takes experienced professionals – like those on our Health Insurance Planning team – to read between the lines. Sometimes you may not have First Day of Coverage, at other times, there may be longer waiting period than you’d like; and yet again, there may be hidden traps on what’s included (covered) and what’s excluded (not covered). We’ll help you make sense of it all BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.
  • Try before you buy: Unlike other service providers you might patronize, you’ll likely not want to switch your Health Insurance Plan provider too frequently. In fact, we do all the up-front diligence so you know exactly what you will be getting. Our experts will make sure you have a “free look” clause in your plan that gives you a reasonable (10-day) trial period before you confirm your choice.
  • Other things we’ll watch for: Some insurance policies are geared toward single disease coverage, and that’s something we flag to our clients. We’ll also help you make sense of the Pre-Existing Conditions clauses that you need to abide by. Failure to follow those requirements could result in insurance providers canceling family and individual coverage.